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CROMIL number 14

CROMIL number 14

On the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the Military and Police Operation “Storm“, the Victory and Memorial Gratitude Day and the Croatian Defenders Day, the Croatan capital hosted a military parade with some 3000 participants on 4 August 2015 - the third military parade since the establishment of the Croatian military, the first one held in 1995 and the second in 1997.

A 5-km column composed of the various components of the Croatian Armed Forces (the motorised, mechanised, special and logistic units, the Croatian Air Force and Air Defence, Croatian Navy and others)  marched throught the capital of Croatia, displaying their equipment, combat and non-combat vehicles), hailed by tens of thousands of citizens who came to show their respect the  Croatian soldiers as the guarantee of their security and keepers of the piece in the world as participants of the UN-, NATO- and the EU-led operations.


  • CROMIL number 14

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