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“Blue Beaver“ Exercise

A soldier in the uniform of the Croatian Armed Forces with the insignia of the Engineer Regiment, and a blue UN beret is driving us in a offroad vehicle through the Training Rangge “Eugen Kvaternik", along a macadam road unknown to us despite the many visits to the Range to cover the various activities. "We are heading towards Kuranov vrh“, says Captain Dražen Brkić, "where we have recently improved a service road." Captain  Brkić is a  commander  of the  HRVCON UN-ENGCOY, an engineer Company filed in the Peacekeeping Capability Readiness System (UN). We met the Company members in Karlovac in late 2016. Karlovac is the home to the Croatian Army's Engineer Regiment which has generated the HRVCON UN-ENGCOY. The engineer component is reinforced with the Protection Platoon of the Battalion “Vukovi“ of the Guards Mechanised Brigade and members of the Support Command as support component.
The Company has been established trained for the deployment in a UN mission to provide engineer support to the mission itself  and to the local population respectively. 
The engineers are expected to compensate in performance the small size; they have a crucial role in the relations with the local communities in the UN area of operation UN's action they play a key role in the relationship with the local community. The composite structure of the Company itself has been tailored to serve the purpose, but requires complex training and practice.
Te“Blue Beaver“ and the exercises of the kind help establish a  unique unit composed of engineers, guards brigade members and logisticians.