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CAF in “ Saber Guardian 17“

From 25 June to 25 July 2017 members of the Croatian Armed Forces took part in the international military exercise “Saber Guardian 17“,  conducted on the territory of Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria. “Saber Guardian“ is an exercise of the USAREUR in the Black Sea Region. Its purpose was to promote stability and security in the Black Sea Region, strengthen the partner countries capabilities, promote triuust and upgrade interoperability of the armed forces of the Allied and partner nations. The objective of the Eexercise was to demonstrate readiness for collective defence, implemented  through a cluster of exercises (“Tobruq Legacy“, “Peace Sentinel“,“ Eagle Sentinel“,“ Mascali“, “Dacian Guardian“, “ Getica Saber“, “Black Swan“, “Brave Warrior“, “Swift Response“ and “Dragon Guardian“. The Exercise engaged more than 25,000 members of U.S. Army in Europe and of 22 Allied and partner countries. The Croatian Armed Forces took part in “Getica Saber“, “Brave Warrior“ and “Black Swan“ with a total of 258 members.
The largest part of the Croatian contingent, staff personnel, Mechanised Coy and Tank Platoon as the main training group and the task force Logistic Platoon and Evaluator Team as secondary training group were located at the Training Range "Cincu" in Romania; The Contingent composed of the members of the Special Forces Command and of the Intelligence Divisio was based at  the Training Range "Újdörögd", the military base "Tata" and in the "Szolnok" air base in Hungary: Croatian officers were also assigned to the Command of the Multinational Division, based in Novo Selo in Bulgaria.