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Support Command's 13th Anniversary

The Support Command of the Croatian Armed Forces commemorated its 13th anniversary at a ceremony held in the "Croatia" Barracks in Zagreb on  7 May 2015.

The ceremony was attended by the Commander - Major General Drago Matanović, the Chief of the General Staff of the CroatianArmed Forces, General Drago Lovrić as envoy of the Defence Minister, the Inspector General -  Lieutenant General Mirko Šundov, the Director of the General Staff – Rear admiral Robert Hranj, Military Bishop – Msgr Juraj Jezerinac, commanders and representatives of other services, sectors and commands of the Croatian Armed Forces.
The Chief of the General Staff, General Drago Lovrić congratulated the members of the Support Command personally and on behalf of the Defence Minister and all members of the Croatian Armed Forces and extended the appreciation for their contribution.
"Logistics is a highly important function  for the Armed Forces. I praise and am very proud of your major efforts and perfomance in its various aspects.“
General Lovrić also emphasised the need for continued full contribution, in order to optimise the response by the Croatian Armed Forces members to any future challenge.
The congratulations were further extended by the Commander of the Support Command, Major General  Drago Matanović, who expressed appreciation to the Chief of the General Staff and other senior visitors for their support and successful co-operation. In his address he expressed recognition to the professionalism and efforts of the members of the Support Command as the main determinant of the overall performance of the service.
Major General Matanović enumerated the most important accomplished tasks and some of the prospective ones, among which he stressed  the professional development and training of the logistic personnel. He expressed the conviction that the Support Command staff was “compact and capable of responding to the challenges ahead “.
The ceremony included the presentation of commenations, awards and promotions to the best performing members of the Support Command and the mass served by the Military Bishop, Msgr Juraj Jezerinac in the Saint Anthony Chapel in the “Croatia“ Barracks. A delegation of the Support Command laid wreaths and lighted candles at the memorial monument to the fallen members of the legendary 1st Guards Brigade of the Croatian Army (“Tigrovi“), the first residents of the Barracks.