Best Instructors and Students of 2018/2019

Another academic year has come to an end, which means that another cycle of courses at the Dr Franjo Tuđman Croatian Defence Academy has also finished. All students have demonstrated enviable knowledge and capabilities. CROMIL presents students who have won recognition for being the best of the best…

Major Ivan Grgić, Officer for Lawfulness of Proceedings in the Independent Military Police Sector, Ministry of Defence – best student in the 27th class of the Interservice Command and Staff Course

The Interservice Command and Staff Course aims to prepare officers for planning and conducting operations led by NATO, the UN and the EU. It broadens the knowledge of the Croatian Armed Forces’ officers because it focuses on conducting operations in Croatia and abroad. I am extremely pleased with the course for it is not just theory-oriented, but practice-oriented, as well. Students get to conduct exercises in co-ordination with their lecturers, which allows us to work independently and apply our knowledge. I am honoured to have been named the best student, especially as other students took part in the voting process. It pleases me that my colleagues have recognized my work and acknowledged it.

Staff Sergeant Marin Križanac, Platoon Leader in the 3rd Mechanized Company, 3rd Mechanized Battalion Pauci (Spiders) – best student in the 39th class of the Advanced NCO Course

The course was demanding and challenging, but the students mastered all tasks assigned to them in a relatively short amount of time. I would like to use this opportunity to thank the 3rd Mechanized Battalion Pauci (Spiders), who enabled me professional growth, and my family, without whom none of this would be possible.

First Sergeant Siniša Rebić, senior instructor at the NCO School – best instructor

I am incredibly honoured to have been named the best instructor in the past academic year. This acknowledgement proves that my hard work has been recognized and incites me to continue passing my knowledge and experience onto the students at the NCO School with equal ardour. My biggest supporters have been my family, without whom I would not be what I am today.

Private Igor Nagy, Grenade Launcher Rifleman in the 1st mechanized Battalion Tigrovi (Tigers) – best student in the 18th class of the Basic Officer Course

I was surprised to have been selected as the best student, but this will have an effect on my career progression. I would like to join the unit I desire and do the job I like; I will attain ranks eventually. What matters to me is that I do what I like.

First Sergeant Mario Colić, Staff NCO for Education in the Personnel Directorate, General Staff of the Croatian Armed Forces – best student in the 17th class of the Sergeants Major Course

The award for the best student means a lot to me. All 18 students finished the course with excellent marks and the race for the best student was a close one. The course was demanding because it entailed a lot of new study material as well many seminar papers, presentations and exams, but the students successfully overcame each challenge. I wish to thank the Department for the Sergeants Major Training, without whose support completing this course would not have been so easy, and all the lecturers who passed their knowledge onto the students.

Text by IVA GUGO


Translation by IVA GUGO