Combat Training Centre marks 15th anniversary

The Combat Training Centre of the Training and Doctrine Command "Fran Krsto Frankopan" has been tasked with preparing the members of the Croatian Armed Forces for the past 15 years

The Combat Training Centre of the Training and Doctrine Command “Fran Krsto Frankopan” has been tasked with preparing the members of the Croatian Armed Forces for the past 15 years. Situated in the Training Range near Slunj, it is regularly the site of exercise simulations and unit firing practices . Marking its 15th anniversary in 2018, the Centre has a longer history; following the Operation “Storm“, the Training Range “Eugen Kvaternik” was used for training of the members of the Croatian Army, but it was only five years later that the decision was made to establish a unit primarily tasked with soldier training. Thus on 1 April 2003 the Combat Training Centre came into existence and has provided support to the Croatian Army since. Through the use of the MILES 2000 simulation system the Centre has conducted exercises testing the trainedness of the members of the Croatian Armed Forces for their tasks – over 90 exercises during the 15-year period, engaging more than ten thousand domestic and foreign soldiers. The ceremony held on 28 March 2018 was attended among others by the Commander of the Croatian Army, Brigadier General Siniša Jurković, who commended the performance of the Combat Training Centre in the Year of Readiness and Activity of Croatian Soldiers. “Speaking of readiness, I also think in wider terms, including the training and equipping of the Croatian Armed Forces for various situations. Fari The prerequisite of to meet the objectives It takes good conditions to meet the objectives. I expect from you to be fully committed to your duty, regardless of its name and most of all to take care of the needs of the people who make our organisation. The Commander of the Training and Doctrine Command, Colonel Željko Šikić took the opportunity to congratulate and to appreciate the Centre’s personnel for the competent execution of tasks. “The Combat Training Centre professionally executes its demanding mission of co-ordination and organisiation of all training activities and provides assurance to the superior commands of the safety and credibility of the unit and its members“, concluded Colonel Šikić. The Commander of the Combat Training Centre Colonel Mario Lilić expressed obvious pride of his unit, composed of members with rich knowledge and experience from the Homeland War or from the international military operations, which they have passed on to the young generations and thus contributed greatly to the Croatian Armed Forces. Following the addresses by the visitors and the congratulations from the Minister of Homeland War Veterans Tomo Medved, the meriting members of the Centre were presented with the awards, and so were the winners of the shooting and table tennis competitions. The visitors and the members of the Centre also paid tribute to their fellow combatants fallen in the Homeland War, a memorial mass for whom was served in the Military Chaplaincy “Bl. Ivan Merz”, by the Dean of the Deanery of Karlovac Vladislav Mandura, who called on the members of the Croatian Armed Forces to guard patriotism and the love for neighbours. The ceremony was a break from the the Centre’s daily routine and the intensive preparation for the upcoming activities, among which an exercise of the reserve component seen as highly important for the overall defence system. The Centre will soon mark the first anniversary of the construction of the chapel, which they hope will be marked with a mass celebrated on an outdoor altar. The Centre will see many more anniversaries and as long as new soldiers will join the Croatian Armed Forces, the Training Range near Slunj will be an obligatory part of their training. “Our obligation is have efficient and ready Croatian Armed Forces; it takes proper training and participation in field exercises to gain the experience and maintain the skills required for various training levels“, said Colonel Šikić.