16th Generation of Cadets of CDA Takes Oath 

"The Military Maritime Studies are of great importance  for Croatia as a maritime country. They will train quality personnel for the institutions in Croatia and worthy upholders  of the maritime tradition", said the Defence Minister Damir Krstičević during the oath-taking ceremony of the 16th generation of cadets of the Croatian Defence Academy “Dr Franjo Tuđman“

135 cadets of the 5th generation of Military Engineering, Military Management and Military Pilot study programmes and 33 cadets of the first generation of the Military Maritime Studies took their oath in a ceremony held in the Barracks “Fleet Admiral Sveto Letica-Barba“ in Split on 21 September 2018.  It was the first oath-taking ceremony held in Split, and along with the cadets from Croatia, 16 cadets from partner countries (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Kosovo) were also present.

The cadets received congratulations from the Croatian Navy with Navy ship sirens and from the Croatian Air Force with a flypast by Pilatus PC-9M aircraft.

The ceremony was attended by the Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister Damir Krstičević, the Envoy and the Defence and National Security Advisor to the President of the Republic of Croatia Vlado Galić, the Chief of the General Staff of the Croatian Armed Forces General Mirko Šundov, special advisors to the Defence Minister Božo Kužul and Ivica Ušljebrka, the Commander of the Croatian Defence Academy “Dr. Franjo Tuđman Major General Mate Pađen,  the Rector of the University of Split Šimun Anđelinović and  representatives of the Ministry of Defence, the Croatian Armed Forces, the University of Zagreb and the University of Split,  representatives of the associations from the Homeland War and relatives of the cadets.

Minister Krstičević  underlined the importance of the new study programme of Military Maritime Studies in the University of Split in his address.

“The Military Maritime Studies are of great importance  for Croatia as a maritime country. They will provide quality personnel for the institutions in Croatia and worthy upholders of its maritime tradition. The cadets and the well designed study programmes guarantee the future of the Croatian Armed Forces. Knowledge is power and a must for the development of the Croatian Armed Forces. Have confidence in your talents and potentials“, the Minister said.

Ministar Krstičević congratulated the cadets for choosing the military profession: “Confront the challenges bravely, propose new ideas and solutions and set the example to the people around you.“

Minister concluded by promising that they would be congratulated with a performance of the Croatian F-16 aircraft at their graduation ceremony in five years’ time.

The Envoy of the President of the Republic of Croatia said that the oath-taking was a major honour and responsibility in his address : “By taking the oath, you have committed to guarding the memory of the Homeland War and the fallen defenders, the biggest values underlying the modern state of Croatia. You can  become successors of the best soldiers of the most glorious period of our history.“

The Chief of the General Staff  told the cadets in his address: “You are the future into which we gladly invest; we believe that you will fulfill our expectations and  we are happy to invest in you, believing that you will fulfill our expectations and be a solid support to our homeland and its citizens in any situation.”

General Šundov also called on cadets to fulfill their duties honourably and guard the values of the Croatian Armed Forces: “Cherishing the values based on the experiences from the Homeland War and international activities, you can contribute to continued international recognition and reputation of the Croatian Armed Forces.“

Major General Mate Pađen extended the appreciation to the universities of Split and Zagreb for their assistance with the management of the existing study programmes and stated that the Croatian Defence Academy would make efforts to grow into an institution offering lifelong learning.

The cadets were also addressed by Rector Anđelinović, who said: “The Croatian Defence  Academy and the University of Split will do their best to ensure the best education and skills for the cadets.“

The Commander of the Cadet Company Captain Hrvoje Šimleša praised the oath taking ceremony for the first generation of cadets of Military Maritime Studies being held in Split, in the Barracks which are to be their home for the following  five years.

The oath-taking also featured a static display in the Barracks and the ceremonial drill by the Honorary Battalion.