• CROMIL number 13

    CROMIL number 13

    The international Aerial Fire Fighting Europe 2015 Conference, organized by the UK-based Tangent Link, with the support from the Croatian Ministry of Defence and the National Search and Rescue Directorate took place in Zadar on 29 and 30 April 2015.

  • CROMIL number 12

    CROMIL number 12

    During our stay in Kabul we had the opportunity to talk to Brigadier General Gordana Garašić, the Gender Advisor to the ISAF Headquarters and the first female officer of the Croatian Armed Forces to be commissioned to a General rank in ISAF…

  • CROMIL number 11

    CROMIL number 11

    The Republic of Croatia has since its accession to NATO proved itself as a credible and reliable Ally. Croatia has assumed at once the responsability, the risk and the benefit of the collective security, and shared the fundamental view that stability of the international community […]

  • CROMIL number 10

    CROMIL number 10

    Cyber-defence is a current topic on NATO’s agenda, as evidenced by the recent defence ministerial, featuring a separate panel dedicated for the first time to this particular matter.  We discussed the importance attached to cyber-defence by the Armed Forces of the Republic of Croatia with […]

  • CROMIL number 9

    CROMIL number 9

    Evaluation of the units of the Croatian Armed Forces declared for NATO concluded the integration process for Croatia, formalised by signing of the Declaration on Completion of the Integration Process confirming full interoperability of the CAF with other  NATO countries and through integration into the […]

  • CROMIL number 8

    CROMIL number 8

    February 2013 will celebrate the ten-year mark of the Military Police’s first platoon, with a total of twenty members, being sent to the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in the ISAF operation. This was the beginning of the Croatian Armed Forces’ participation in this NATO operation…

  • CROMIL number 7

    CROMIL number 7

    Security at sea is one of the priorities of Croatian defence and security policy, and the Republic of Croatia’s most important public service in the protection of interests at sea is the Coast Guard. This is a naval unit whose role in the protection of […]

  • CROMIL number 6

    CROMIL number 6

    From the military point of view, the long-term defence of Vukovar was difficult to understand.  The geographical position, the relatively unfavourable composition of the population in the city and in the surrounding areas along with the JNA’s great strength theoretically didn’t give it great hope […]

  • CROMIL number 5

    CROMIL number 5

    How the Croatian Army came to be…. From a country that was host to peacekeeping forces, we became a country and army that invests great effort in building peace throughout the whole world by participating in numerous peacekeeping missions and operations.  Thanks to our own […]

  • CROMIL number 4

    CROMIL number 4

    For the first time, as part of the 16th HRVCON in the ISAF mission, a team was sent to the Logistics School of the Afghan National Army’s in Kabul.  This is a joint Croatian-Hungarian team which consists of 17 Hungarian and 8 Croatian logisticians…