• CROMIL number 23

    CROMIL number 23

    At a time of global combating the COVID 19 pandemia, the Croatian Armed Forces have again placed their capabilities at the service of the Croatian people. At the same time, the wider area of  Zagreb was hit by the strongest earthquake in the past 140 years, and the hardship demonstrated the members of the Croatian Armed Forces to be the main force at critical moments

  • CROMIL number 22

    CROMIL number 22

    The new issue of CROMIL features an announcement of the inaugural Croatian International Military Airshow – CROIMAS 2020. The current issue also gives readers a brief sketch of the Croatian Air Force Display Team Wings of Storm, who will take part in the aforementioned airshow. […]

  • CROMIL number 21

    CROMIL number 21

    The new issue of CROMIL carries a report on the fifth edition of the Adriatic Sea Defense and Aerospace Exhibition and Demonstration. Our team visited the 2nd Croatian Contingent in Lebanon, where Croatian soldiers are carrying out tasks within peace-keeping mission UNIFIL. Moreover, we marked […]

  • CROMIL number 20

    CROMIL number 20

    The wide ranging inter-service combined exercise of all parts of the Croatian Armed Forces entitled Velebit 18- Joint Force, was the country’s largest military exercise to date, running continuously for 72 hours from 13-15 October 2018 at multiple locations across the Republic of Croatia. Involving […]

  • CROMIL number 19

    CROMIL number 19

    The Republic of Croatia has faced one of its most important and complex strategic decisions involving its defence sector since the 1991-95 Homeland War. It had to choose between retaining the capability to monitor and protect its sovereign air space, or losing that control and […]

  • Catalogue 2019-2020

    Catalogue 2019-2020

    The purpose of this seventh, updated edition of the Catalogue of the Croatian Defence Industry is to provide a comprehensive overview of the current capacities and achievements of the defence industry in Croatia

  • CROMIL number 18

    CROMIL number 18

    Croatian soldiers are equipped entirely with weapons and military equipment made in Croatia. Investing in equipment and modernisation of the nation’s defence system is the focal point of Croatia’s increasingly sophisticated defence industry…

  • CROMIL number 17

    CROMIL number 17

      The ASDA – Adriatic Sea Defense and Aerospace Exhibition 2017, held in Split from 26-28 April, was the fourth event in a row, held biannually since 2011. The Exhibition was organised by the U.S.-based TNT Production Inc, under the auspices of the Government and […]

  • CROMIL number 16

    CROMIL number 16

    The first review of the units of the then Croatian National Guard was held in Zagreb, the football stadium in Kranjčevićeva 25 years ago (28 May 1991) – the core of the Croatian Army, the army that won independence and liberty for Croatia…