• CROMIL number 6

    CROMIL number 6

    From the military point of view, the long-term defence of Vukovar was difficult to understand.  The geographical position, the relatively unfavourable composition of the population in the city and in the surrounding areas along with the JNA’s great strength theoretically didn’t give it great hope […]

  • CROMIL number 5

    CROMIL number 5

    How the Croatian Army came to be…. From a country that was host to peacekeeping forces, we became a country and army that invests great effort in building peace throughout the whole world by participating in numerous peacekeeping missions and operations.  Thanks to our own […]

  • CROMIL number 4

    CROMIL number 4

    For the first time, as part of the 16th HRVCON in the ISAF mission, a team was sent to the Logistics School of the Afghan National Army’s in Kabul.  This is a joint Croatian-Hungarian team which consists of 17 Hungarian and 8 Croatian logisticians…

  • CROMIL number 3

    CROMIL number 3

    One of the key capacities of the Croatian Air Force that only a few countries in the world have is that of training its own pilots…  Croatian Air Force pilots are trained at the Aircraft Squadron of the 93rd Air Force Base in Zemunik, near […]

  • CROMIL number 2

    CROMIL number 2

    Croatia- NATO’s Newest Member At the NATO summit and before the whole world, the most prominent world leaders congratulated a country which, after a nearly twenty-year-long and exceptionally demanding journey, has at last secured a position which historically and naturally belongs to it…

  • CROMIL number 1

    CROMIL number 1

    This year the Republic of Croatia will mark ten years of participation in UN peacekeeping missions. Today, ten years later, Croatia is among countries that participate in most UN missions. The volume of activities and duties our peacekeepers carry out in the missions have increased […]